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"Satisfaction of our customers is the key to success."

Since 2008 PeDy Trans Ltd., a company with seat in Czech Republic, has provided complex logistic services with inteligent solutions for transport and distribution regulation in Central and Western Europe, including specialized and individual transportation services. The main features of PeDy Trans Ltd. are innovative and on individual transportation needs focused solutions, with great emphasis placed on providing complete and high-quality customer services. In cooperation with reliable and 100% verified partners, PeDy Trans Ltd. is able to provide flexibility to meet customer’s various  requirements in the ever changing market.

Quality guarantee

Your satisfaction is our success.

Long-term experience

Secure transportation and employee safety

Regular safety training for our employees

Environment-conscious transport service

Properly maintained and modern vehicle fleet linked to the company's ICT system

Regular inspection of our vehicle fleet

Innovative and flexible activity based on building of long-term relationships with our customers and business partners


PeDy Trans Ltd. offers a wide range of transport services covering Western and Central Europe, including individual, full truck-load (FTL) and less than truck-load (LTL) transportation. Precise and reliable delivery times and clear tariffs for your optimal planning (just-in-time) are the principles of our company. For these, our whole team will try to do their utmost so that your  transportation needs around Europe will be met.

Transportation services:

  • Daily departure of export/import consignments
  • Global forwarding management (export/import)
  • Just-in-time transportation for car and engineering industry
  • Sophisticated cooperation with our business partners in Czech Republic, as well as, abroad
  • Precise transport monitoring and planning with GPS
  • Collection and distribution of individual packages
  • Combined transportation


As a part of our logistic counseling, you will receive qualified consultancy services tailored to your individual transportation needs. For companies, which in today’s rapidly changing environment must concentrate on their competency, we will provide secure and qualified solutions of complex logistic processes. Our team will optimize your supplier processes with on-time goods delivery for manufacturing lines so that you may gain from inventory reduction, decrease in transportation costs with transparent goods flow and professional approach of our employees.

Logistics services:

  • Project management
  • Development concept for your logistics flow
  • Flexible turn-key solutions corresponding to your needs
  • Preparation and processing of offers as needed
  • Your gain from our know-how and long-term market experience
  • Your decrease of transportation costs and reduction of inventory


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