Information about cookies on this page

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a short text file that is stored by the website you are visiting in your browser. It allows the website to record, for example, information about your visit, time setting, language selection, etc. for a certain period of time. This may make it easier for you to visit again because you don’t have to set up the website again.


What cookies can you find with us?

On our website you will find internal cookies, valid for 1 month, which set the cookies bar. You will also find third-party cookies that allow us to improve and analyze our website. You can find a list of all cookies that are with us, divided by category below. You can change which cookies you want to enable or disable at any time using the link / button “Cookie settings” located in our footer. Without your prior consent, no cookies are stored on our website.


You can enable cookies on the website either globally using the “Allow all” button, or select specific categories by clicking on the “More detailed settings” link in our “Cookies bar”.


Cookies required

Name Domain Validity Description
cookies_bar_status 1 month If you reject the cookie settings or close the cookie bar, this cookie will be set
Name Domain Validity Description
wp-wpml_current_language 1 day Website language settings

Google maps

Name Domain Validity Description
cookies_bar_status 1 month This will allow cookies to display the Google map. If this cookie is disabled only the map image will be displayed.

Information about cookies on this page

We do not use cookies on our website to monitor user traffic. We use only the necessary cookies to set up this panel and enable Google maps. More detailed settings.

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